How To Make Money: iPhone And iPod Repair

What has your iPhone done for you lately? Can it teach you how to make money?

Kohl just got the 4G iPhone – awesome phone! Why did he get it? He had to. Kohl repairs iPhones, and he’s getting a lot calls to replace the glass on the 4G. Kohl took his new 4G home and butchered it! No kidding, he broke that puppy right there! Next, he fixed it, and broke it again. Two more times – yes, he broke it twice more and fixed it each time. Why?

There’s a bad moon on the rise?

Yeah, I’m a geezer. When I was young, and on a long drive, I thought that song- line was: “There’s a bathroom on the right” (lol). Kohl could ONLY learn how to repair the 4G by doing it. Yes, there are some video clips on the net which SAY they’ll show you how. They don’t! They show you in a way which makes it look easy, so you’ll buy their grossly marked UP parts, get it? You then get the parts in the mail, watch the video, and break your iPhone but good! This is TRUE! Check out the comments on iPhone repair videos! Repairing something you don’t know how to repair is: “A bad moon on the rise.”


Please don’t think you can repair your iPhone yourself without some really great instructions and backup help. Fixing your iPhone on your first try is just about impossible. If you want to learn how to make money, practicing on your iPhone is a good start. If you’re reading this and you just want to get your iPhone fixed, don’t do it, it’s not worth it, find someone to repair it. If you’re in Southern California, Kohl will come to you and fix it.

Are you thinking of the business Opportunity – how to make money?

If you want to repair iPhones and iPods for money or for a living or to get rich, please find a school with support which will help you get going. There are some available. Typically, they charge $1500 or more for five days of education. That sounds like a lot, but you can spend that much if you don’t get help, on broken iPhones and iPhone parts. Kohl spent about $300 breaking his 4G to learn it (on top of the purchase cost). He DID learn it, literally inside out.

Wondering How To Make Money? What kind of money?

The 4G iPhone has two glass faces, one in front and one in back. the front screen is a BEACH to change. The 4G iPhone must come completely apart. I think Kohl is getting $145 to do the front glass, and he’s making a profit of about $40 (4G parts are spendy). He gets like $80 to replace the back glass on the 4G iPhone – it’s cake to change, a 5 minute job. He has a supplier for those at $5 a pop. Yes, this is how to make money. That’s like $75 for 5 minutes.

The 3G and 3GS are much easier to fix. However, the net profit on any of about 7 different repairs per iPhone is about $40. NONE of the repairs take more than about 30 minutes once you know what you’re doing. It’s possible to do 15 repairs in a day. The most Kohl has done in one day is ten. Five repairs a day is good if it’s just and you have no overhead. 5 x $40 profit = $200 day for starters. Once you get rolling, you’ll do more.

If you had the skill to fix iPhones and iPods right now, you could rock.

The market for the repairs is exploding! This is how to make money. Even if you just learn to replace the glass on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, and nothing else? You can build a business out of that, fast. AND it’s a never-ending business because more and more durable and well-loved small electronic devices are coming on the market everyday, and they all have at least one thing common: They all glass screens that break, and which are not covered, even by the extended warranty! Yes, the glass is suppose to be: “The same as a jet fighter’s windsheild”, and it probably is. It’s just so very thin, all you have to do is drop it and watch the thin fracture lines appear!

So, what are you going to do:

A. You can become a Registered Nurse in 2 to 4 years, and start at $55,000.

B. You can “make like Allstate” and put your future in your hands (for real).

C. You CAN SKATE and make $50k in the next 12 months repairing iPhones and iPods!

Find a school. Learn how to make money repairing the iPhone and iPod. Find your dreams!