Modern iPod Dock Radios


Many people today are enjoying listening to music with their iPod unit. Now, thanks to new designs, it is possible to own portable iPod Dock Radios. There are many advantages to this as it is possible to utilize the mechanics of the radio to enhance one's regular music. Many people like to listen to ball games or news program while away from home or in a limited area. The AM/FM radio, that is … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Mini Pink Review


The color pink has never look so beautiful and attractive. The revolutionary gadget in the world of portable music players, the Apple iPod Mini in the sweetest Pink color is the most 'in' thing now grabbing the eyeballs of everyone, everywhere. Even though the Apple iPod Mini comes in four more colors, Pink is definitely the hottest color of the season. An iPod is a brand of portable media … [Read more...]

How Does The iPod Nano Work


The iPod Nano is an MP3 player which allows the user to enjoy their music wherever they are. It allows the user to not only create their own personalized music list by it allows them to carry hundreds and in some cases thousands of songs wherever they go. During this article we will provide a little explanation on how an MP3 player works and how this relates to the iPod Nano. An MP3 player uses … [Read more...]

Uploading Music To Your iPod Nano


Congratulations on your new iPod nano! In a few minutes we'll have you uploading music to your iPod nano and ready to roll. Are you more interested in playing videos, games or audiobooks than music tracks? This article is still for you. Once you know how to upload music to your nano you know how to upload all the other goodies too. Step 1: Load the music onto your computer Most of us begin … [Read more...]

iPod Shuffle


I had often thought about purchasing an iPod, but the price always gave me pause. When Apple dropped the price of the Shuffle, I grabbed one. But I did fork over a little extra and get the 2GB version. You know, for $20 more, wouldn't you? The iPod Shuffle comes with all of the accessories you need right out of the box. You get the device itself, the ear bud headphones, and the docking device. … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Nano Third Gen 4 GB


Coming with a built in four GB memory space, the Apple iPod Nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MA978LL/A is the better alternative to any four GB iPod available in the market. Apple has been known for its electronic products like notebooks, the Mac book, mobile phones, iPods etc. So, coming from Apple, this 4 GB iPod is bound to be classy and gives good performance. Let us now look into what the … [Read more...]