Dension Gateway Lite – The Best iPod Car Adapter


The Gateway Lite is the latest in a long line of Dension iPod Adapters. With each predecessor showing an increase in usability and functionality. Dension Gateway Lites predecessor the Gateway 100 was the most successful iPod kit in history. Offering a more advance track browsing system than any other kit on the market. However the complex nature of the 100 was ultimately its own downfall. The … [Read more...]

Make Radios a Thing of the Past


Some newer models of cars come with an adapter so that you can easily listen to your iPod. However, this option is not available in many models, and more than likely you are going to need to make some minor adjustments to listen to your favorite tunes. This is when an iPod car adapter comes in handy. With some options, you can do it yourself within minutes! Depending on how much money you want … [Read more...]

iPod Car Adapters for Long Commutes


The great thing about iPod car adapters is that you can take massive amounts of music with you literally anywhere. Another great feature is that you don't have to carry your cassettes or CD's back and forth from the car to the house. Because of the convenience and portability, iPods are becoming the only way to listen to your favorite music. Some newer cars come equipped with docking stations, … [Read more...]

Enjoy Quality Music


Driving down and listening to music go hand in hand. One can not imagine driving down these days, even smaller distances without music playing. This is one time during the day that one can sit back and enjoy their favourite tracks and drive at the same time. Many people feel it is boring to drive down without music. Car stereo systems have been a blessing to support this fact. But if you want to … [Read more...]

iPod Connection For Your BMW


So, you have a nice BMW. It's fast, handles great, and has a great sound system. It has everything you can ever need in a car. Well, almost everything. The only thing that is missing is that you have no way to connect your iPod to the factory BMW sound system. There are a few aftermarket adapters that can solve this problem. The first aftermarket adapter is known as a wired FM modulator. A … [Read more...]

Connect an iPod to a Toyota Stereo


From an Avalon to a Yaris, connecting you iPod to your Toyota can be very tough. There are a multitude of options that can just be overwhelming. The three main types of iPod adapters for Toyotas are wireless FM transmitters, direct audio inputs, and wired FM modulators. Wireless FM transmitters are the simplest type of Toyota iPod adapter. These devices usually plug into your cigarette lighter. … [Read more...]