Apple iPod Mini Pink Review

The color pink has never look so beautiful and attractive. The revolutionary gadget in the world of portable music players, the Apple iPod Mini in the sweetest Pink color is the most ‘in’ thing now grabbing the eyeballs of everyone, everywhere.

Even though the Apple iPod Mini comes in four more colors, Pink is definitely the hottest color of the season. An iPod is a brand of portable media player that was first lunched in 2001.

Since its inception, it has developed into many versions, the iPod Mini Pink being one of its benchmark inventions. As the name suggests this gadget is a tiny flat device weighing only 3.6 ounces.

A small digital LCD display with LED backlight, simple, accessible buttons for manipulation, a handful of functional accessories and versatile accommodation of software it complements the taste of any user.

The iPod Mini Pink comes with paraphernalia of accessories. From the Earbud Headphones, Belt Clips, Power Adapter to USB 2.0 Cable, a FireWire cable, a user manual… the white cubic box… includes all customer satisfaction items.

One of the best features of the iPod Mini Pink is the iTunes software for both MAC and Windows that promise to deliver a thousand songs to you. And why should it not?…

… The iTune software stores a complete music wish list and can play, burn and rip music from a Compact Disc. With the help of the Equalizer get the sound of your choice like Acoustic, R&B, Bass Booster and Rock.

Through iTunes, the iPod Mini Pink can transfer videos, calendars, games as well as photos to the system.

iPod Mini Pink is renowned for its fantastic user interface. With its color displays and sliding animations, the gadget includes the upgraded Click Wheel mechanism where all buttons are integrated together for a minimalist look.

A single button on the Apple iPod Mini Pink performs the basic functions like play, pause, rewind, next track etc.

Any contemporary music lover will be spoilt for choice as far as accessories are concerned. You can dress your Apple iPod Mini Pink with a wide array of colorful socks, armbands, headphones, speakers, cables, remote controls, cool accessories, and more.

Even though critics crib about the relatively high price of the Apple iPod Mini Pink set at $249, yet when you think of all the features and accessories that you will get with your portable music player then the price will not be a consideration.

That’s why within a month of its launch all Apple iPod Minis, including the Apple iPod Mini Silver flew off the shelves into the pockets of the trendy.